Flexibly Change Filter Values of a Planning Function

The filter definition of a planning function is used to specify the data set that can be changed by a planning function. In special situations, it might become necessary to change the active filter of a planning function during runtime.

Examples for these situtations are:

  • The filter values of one characteristic must be determined based on the result of another characteristic which can only be determined by a user exit.
  • To optimize performance, only changed records shall be processed by the planning function.

The standard behaviour only allows to determine the filter at startup of the planning function. By maintaining an RSADMIN value for object RSPLF_SELECTION_EXIT, a customer specific solution can be implemented to change planning function filter values dynamically at runtime.

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Author: Christoph Sommer
Senior Consultant SAP BI/BO/BPC&EPM and Project Management Professional (PMP©) with over 18 years of professional experience. Founder and Managing Director of EPM Data.

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