Analysis for Office – Frontend for BPC embedded

With SAP notes 2312162 – Office Client Strategy for BPC and 2327742 – Using EPM Client on BPC Embedded, SAP delivers information on the MS Office client strategy for BPC 10.1 (embedded).

The Analysis for Office client installation comprises an Analysis-Add-In and an EPM-Add-In. For BPC embedded, SAP recommends to use the Analysis-Add-In for all new projects, as the EPM Add-In has some limitations on BPC embedded that will not be removed due to architectural reasons. If a customer nonetheless wants to use the EPM client, a switch needs to be activated to make sure, that the customer is aware of these functional limitations.

The EPM Add-In is only recommended for BPC standard model.

For BPC embedded,  the Analysis Add-In is the go-to solution.

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Author: Christoph Sommer
Senior Consultant SAP BI/BO/BPC&EPM and Project Management Professional (PMP©) with over 18 years of professional experience. Founder and Managing Director of EPM Data.

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