How-to suppress specific BPC messages


When running BPC planning workbooks created with SAP Analysis for Office (AfO), system messages generated by planning functions and/or BEx queries are displayed in a modal pop-up window in the lower left part of the screen. While in most cases, the system messages are required to get a feedback of the system status, there are cases in which messages do not provide value or can even be a bit molesting to the end user.

In this post, I will provide an example of such a situation and show you how to suppress the display of such messages.

Customer Example:

A BPC input layout used for the forecasting process has a fixed structure for the months 1-12. The forecast process is executed every month starting in March until November. The columns for the past months can not be statically hidden in the query definition. Instead, the colums of the prior months need to be dynamically suppressed, so that only the remaining posting periods are visible and open for planning. This dynamic suppression of columns is done by activating zero suppression for columns in AfO.

In the scenario described above, it is necessary to lock the prior periods for planning by using a Data Slice. As it could happen, that an end user accidentally or knowingly removes the column suppression feature and enters values in prior periods, which is not required.

So, we need an active Data Slice for the past periods. However, we do not want to be disturbed by the frequent system messages, telling us, that the past periods are locked.

How to suppress these messages:

  • Call transaction RSRT and enter the technical name of the BEx query
  • In the menu go to ‘Environment –> Suppress Message
  • Select the appropriate message domain in the navigation pane
  • Mark the checkbox of the message(s) that you would like to suppress
  • Re-generate the query

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Author: Christoph Sommer
Senior Consultant SAP BI/BO/BPC&EPM and Project Management Professional (PMP©) with over 18 years of professional experience. Founder and Managing Director of EPM Data.

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